• Steve Junion, Ph.D.

Three Simple Steps to Start Listening to Your Customer

Want to start listening to your customers? Here are three easy ways to start your journey!

  1. Call your customer support phone number

  2. Sit in the waiting room

  3. Sit with a customer support associate

Calling Customer Support

One of my favorite things to do with a client is to call their customer service line while senior leadership anxiously prays that all ends well. Spoiler alert, it rarely does, although it is typically NOT the fault of the Customer Service Representative, it's everything that stands in the way of supporting the customers. Walk in the shoes of your customer and call your customer service department.

The Waiting Room

Sitting in a waiting room is incredibly powerful. Dress similarly to your patients or members or customers. Often, the positive or negative view of the physician or clinician is due to the interactions at the front desk, setting the tone for the entire visit. Grab a magazine and sit somewhere and listen. Oh, and if you are sitting next to someone waiting for an appointment, have a conversation. Simple questions like:

How long have you been coming to this doctor, dentist, etc.?

What made you choose this practice?

Customer Service Rep Calls

Best practice for C-Suite members is to sit with CSRs and listen to calls and observe the actions of the CSRs. We often plan processes before we think about the impact to our front-line employees, it's useful to see how what we do can impact those who represent our organization to the customer. Plan on sitting with multiple people across a month or two for at least an hour. If you run on various shifts, ensure you visit each shift.

If you think, "I don't need to do this," you are avoiding reality.

If you decide to do this, congratulations, you are on the road to putting your consumer first!

Photo by Foto Garage AG on Unsplash

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