• Steve Junion, Ph.D.

Start from the Heart Questions

I have been asking these three questions prior to almost every meeting or conversation I have had over the last 15+ years. Sometimes, I find myself asking these three questions during a conversation.

What do I want for myself?

What do I want for the other person?

What do I want for the relationship?

As a friend guided me through writing an identity statement meant to guide me personally and professionally, he had me write those three questions on the back of that initial identity statement.

My identity statement, with the Start from the Heart Questions, went in my wallet, behind my driver’s license so that I would see it almost daily. I am now on the 2nd printing of my identity card because the first one was worn and torn and hard to read. Although those questions are no longer written on the back, they are still on my mind every time I open or look at my billfold. They are my life.

What have I learned in 15+ years with these questions?

1. I am more at peace and more open to listening

2. I have become a more compassionate person

3. I enter into a conversation with a compassionate mindset

4. I feel less judgmental and biased

5. I want to grow as a person, husband, father, co-worker, and friend and these questions are the nutrients

Before you go into your next meeting, or perhaps a challenging personal conversation you have been dreading, write down and respond to each of the three questions. Imagine allowing yourself to be fully in the moment and present.

Photo by Jon Tyson on Unsplash

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