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My Daughter, a Developing Leader | Where is your Wolfpack?

I may have read one of the most straightforward books on leadership ever, and that is the biggest compliment I can give to any author. Thank you, Abby Wambach! As a professional who has worked in Leadership and Executive Development throughout my career – along with a fantastic opportunity to lead a program for Women In Leadership at a Fortune 50 organization, this book boils down and makes leadership not only real, but accessible and meaningful not just to women, but to anyone who cares about leadership. But to me, it's personal.

In addition to being a professional who has worked in developing leaders over decades, and a MASSIVE fan of the US Women’s National Team, I am also a father to a daughter who just graduated High School and is heading off to become part of a new Wolfpack. Her pack will include other students and as a member of the college’s volleyball team. I am excited for her for many reasons.

First, she is taking the risk and demanding the effing ball (read the book, and you’ll understand) in terms of her life. She has owned this decision; she has made it happen; she has been a leader in deciding her future. She just took us along for the ride because she is creating her path. I admire her so much for her ability in being able to do that and to do it in a way where her fear of the unknown causes her to learn and be willing to fail instead of never trying.

Second, she has a chance to become part of a Wolfpack that is led by a fantastic coach. I’m going to offend some coaches, but much like a college professor is NOT required to learn how to teach or engage their students, being a college coach requires exactly zero requirements for a lifelong passion for and educating one’s self on the topic of leadership. For those coaches who make it a lifelong endeavor to develop their leadership, you know who you are, and I respect you. My sense is my Daughter’s coach is one of those committed to a lifelong effort of developing not only herself, but her coaching staff, and her players to be leaders. She speaks calmly and, in those words, she speaks much wisdom. I hope my Daughter becomes the leader she wants and needs to be for life under her new coach because her coach is willing to pass on those leadership lessons.

Third, because my Daughter had a dad that is a pain in the ass, I talk about leadership a lot! Also, I have had her lay out what her goals are for being a college student and athlete over these next four years. We have talked a lot about leading from wherever you are. In Abby’s terms, leading from the bench, especially since she will have to earn a spot on that floor. Also, this will be a year of firsts, and my Daughter will have to redefine her leadership and what it means in this new place, and with her new pack.

Even if you don’t take the time to read this book, it only takes about an hour, check out Abby’s ‘8 New Rules to Change the Game’ on her website abbywamback.combooks/wolfpack/. If it doesn’t resonate, then you really need to read this book. If it does resonate, I do not doubt that you will enjoy it as well.

Find your Pack!

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