• Steve Junion, Ph.D.

Everyone Needs a Little Joyages these Days

To all of those struggling with mental and behavioral health, please remember to breathe today and every day. You are not alone even when you may feel as if you are.

May is Mental Health Awareness, and for someone with TBI (Traumatic Brain Injury), and continuing to work on PTSD symptoms, it is an important month – one of 12, actually, because when May turns to June, it doesn't go away. I have tried different apps to help me manage symptoms – many of which have been helpful. They are useful for the 'now' but not long term. The VA has an amazing PTSD App; my wife's insurance provides impressive access to EMDR therapy virtually!

And then I met Ray White, co-founder of Joyages. I interview executives and founders in the

Health Care industry that are focused on disruption and innovation. Ray and his team have created an App called Joyages. Within the app are many Joyages (think Journeys) – Relationships, Happiness, Stress and Anxiety, Higher Purpose, Gratitude, Personal Development, Work/Career, Habits, Resilience, and Suicide Prevention. Each day, I get the opportunity to rate my happiness, but that's just the beginning.

What I want to talk about is the effect. Every day, when Joyages reminds me to rate my happiness, I have to pause and think, slow things down a bit and take in a little perspective. That may not have been an intentional design point, but it is an unintended consequence for me. That simple act of rotating the dial and watching the face in the middle turn from sadness to joy, makes me pause. Regardless of the rating each day, I find myself appreciating myself more, relaxing more, being a little less intense with family and friends. That slight pause is critical.

Note: To do Joyages justice, I really need to do additional posts, until then check them out at

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