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Human-Centered Healthcare (HCH) is an advocate for those without a voice in the Health Care system. We assist CEOs and C-Suite members to better Know, Help, and Make it Easier for their consumers & customers to access value from your products and services. We help organizations focus on what’s important to your patients, members, and consumers while improving key aspects of your business through our expertise in Health Care, Human-Centered Design, and Innovation.


We thrive in partnering with dynamic organizations and leaders passionate about providing first-class experiences for consumers while improving aspects of the business including, but not limited to profitability, customer satisfaction, expenses, development of new or revised products and services, etc.. Contact us to learn more.




Customer Consciousness

Want to better ’know’ your customers? Let us help you by creating personas that represent your current and future customers.

Do you know what your customers are thinking about your product or service? When was the last time you spoke with your customers and employees? What about future customers and employees?


We can help you identify opportunities throughout their experience via interviews, focus groups and other methods to help you better ‘know’ your customers, and employees.


Customer & Employee Care 

How do you show you care about your customers and employees?

How do your customers and employees know you care about them? What level of care will improve your odds of hiring and retaining employees in support of your customers?


Designing or revising products and services with your customer and employees as central to your business model will enable you to meet them where they are at!


Accessibility in Business

How do you make it easy for your customers to do business with you? What about your employees or even those you would like to hire?

How do you make it easy for your customer or potential employee to do business with you?

Want a better experience for your consumers? We can help you create a journey map or design blueprint that outlines the consumer and employee experience at each touchpoint for your service or product.


Consumer Experience 101

Want to learn some of the most common tools used in Human-Centered Design? Click below to find out more information about our one-day Cx Overview session.

6-7 Hour Tailored Training Session



Fractional Executive

Looking to establish Innovation, Transformation, or Consumer Experience as part of your organization? We can provide you with a fractional executive to support the establishment of this office, including identifying organization requirements, structure, and developing the building blocks of a successful practice for your organization.

Executive & Leadership Development

Looking to develop future leaders? Our proven experience working with start-ups and Fortune 500 organizations can help you develop the leaders you and your customers need for the future. Through our design framework, we build immersive experiences that help your leaders push the boundaries of their capabilities and capacities.

Program Management

Having challenges implementing your strategies for employees and customers? We have strong background in Program and Project management enabling you to find a pathway to success, putting in processes, and discipline in executing on employee and customer initiatives.



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